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landing pages

To sell on the internet, more and more, it is necessary to improve the customer experience and the communication of the brand with its audience. To facilitate and improve this contact, landing pages are created. Whether to sell a specific product from your E-Commerce, launch an infoproduct, whether to capture leads or capture registrations for events, the fact is that landing pages are an excellent idea for your business.

This type of page makes your project more prepared to compete in the digital environment and brings with it a multitude of techniques that have been proven to greatly improve conversion rates. Flics landing pages will help you turn visitors into leads and leads into customers!

What Will We Do for You?


Responsive Landing Page

Your Landing Page is ready to work correctly on any device, such as cell phones, tablets, notebooks and computers.


Increase in Conversions

Landing Pages created with knowledge and features that increase your conversion rates.


Your Automatic Email Integration

We left your page's email capture working properly.


Custom Layout

A layout created specifically for you. We create your page from scratch, and we only start development after you approve the layout.


Quality Support

Need support installing code on your Landing Page or have questions? Just get in touch and we will help you.


Custom Campaigns

We create your website using the best technologies on the market, such as CMS WordPress, Wix, Shopify and Nuvemshop.

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